Meet the girl behind 'Quarter Life Crazy' - Amy Manson

What do you need to know about Amy other than the boring facts of age, country of birth and hobbies? 

She used to be an ex-model, not the glamorous Kate Moss kind, but the ones where they travel to Asia, live in a cramped room with 8 girls in bunk beds and of course, friendly cockroaches crawling over your head. Not to mention being ripped off by agencies, jobs, PR's and old preying men in clubs and crucified for not eating a diet of peanuts. 

In 2019 Amy decided to upgrade her life and become a Guest Relations Manager, job description: getting rich men drunk, for a company in Sydney. It is safe to say she had a lot of fun, but only being prized on your looks, how you charm someone into buying something and how often you party, meant a life of little and no meaning. 

Queue the Quarter Life Crisis... 

Amy embarked on a cheesy journey of self discovery, not through yoga and meditation, but through accidentally breaking into peoples homes and falling flat on her face many times.


Through failures & f*ck ups Amy has completed done a U-TURN from a superficial world to life full of creativity. She now writes creative content for brands, is in the midst of publishing her book and is host of popular podcast 'Quarter Life Crazy.'