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Becoming a sellable product - The 'idea' of sex.

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How many PR’s send you messages inviting you to come party in the clubs? I’m guessing it’s a few. Some will have the courtesy to at least pay you because yes it is a job. I know free drinks sounds very very appealing and Mr.PR seems very very nice but the only reason you are there is to attract wealthy men. Your job not only is to entertain these rich men, who are older than your father, but to entertain ‘the idea’ they can have you.

Welcome to the model nightlife…

Now if you have your feet firmly planted on the ground you can use this system for your benefit. It is your choice to drink free alcohol and dance the night away! You are a powerful independent woman but let me tell you this. The alcohol will be very cheap, they’ll put it in fake expensive bottles to appear ‘premium’ however it will make you drunk faster and give you the worst hangover tomorrow.

The ‘lovely’ PR man will maneuver you skillfully so you’re dancing next to the old guy popping champagne. The PR will encourage you to drink it even though your mother told you not to accept drinks from strangers because the drunker you are the better the profits (and the thicker the PR’s wallet because he’s getting paid FOR you.) If you get too drunk, I assure you that 90% of those ‘lovely PR’s’ won’t be finding you a taxi or holding your hair back when you vomit.

Drugs are also very common in the modeling industry because they, like alcohol, are free! Who doesn’t want free drugs? I want free drugs… so I’m not here to judge you. But can you see the difference between a 27 year old choosing to take drugs and a 14-year-old girl who can barely speak English being pressured to take drugs? Drugs become so appealing to these girls because they make you skinny, and that helps pay your ridiculous rent.

The worst thing that can be stolen from you is your identity. You are not a model, you are not a clothes rail, and you are not a plaything for a rich man or PR. The club cares about it’s bank balance, not about you. You can say YES and you can say NO whenever you want. Follow your gut instinct and follow what feels right for you!

Written by Amy Manson for MODELSEMPOWERED

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