Quarter Life Crazy - The Book!

Are we crazy in a sane world, or sane in a crazy world?

It’s a great time to be in your 20’s - well minus the international pandemic of course. Social media tells us everyday how successful we are. It seems we can do a 50-hour work week, travel the world, create a FTSE 500 company, birth babies, volunteer at a dog shelter, become a vegan bodybuilder and party every night fu*ked off our faces with no hint of a hangover - all at the same time!

Hey, we can even become a YouTube sensation by sticking a bean up our butthole. The reality is that most of us drive a car on finance, we still live with our parents and we have no idea what the hell it is we want. Western society tells us we can achieve anything (advantage point: being a white male). All we have to do to find true happiness is check off all the items on the ‘invisible life list’ by the age of 30 and by god you better do it by 30, otherwise you really are a failure…

Queue the quarter life crisis.

This is the true story of Amy Manson (related to Charles Manson dependable on how nice you treat her). Amy is British, 26 years old, ex-model, semi sex addict, embarking on her new life in Australia. Instead of being exploited by rich men in clubs, Amy is now a Guest Relations Manager - getting those rich men drunk in clubs:

Travel (tick)

Sex with model boys (tick)

Well paid corporate job (tick)

Hot future husband (tick)

Quarter life crisis (wait what)?

Through Amy’s story we explore the conditioning we’re taught to see as ‘achievements’ by society. When we accomplish these things do they make us happy, or miserable? What does life look like when you follow your inner voice, return to the little girl you once were, and find your real meaning and truth?

In the age of social media, corona, political turmoil and the most beloved meme accounts - Quarter Life Crazy gives permission for our generation to laugh at the writer, the world and more importantly at themselves…

Written by Amy Manson

For more information on publishing rights contact amy@quarterlifecrazy.com

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